Terms and conditions

  • Payment terms

    By completing a purchase from the website, you are expected to accept the terms. This means that you agree to abide by these terms in their entirety, and that you have read the information about personal data and agree to the use of personal information and cookies according to Strongers privacy policy.

    The general terms (“terms”) apply when the consumer (“You”) is placing an order with www.stronger.se/se/ and its subpages. In connection with the order, you are part of agreement with Stronger AB, org: 556981-4121.

    You must be at least 18 to place orders on the website. According to Swedish law, we DO NOT approve credit purchase to people aged under 18. According to Swedish law, we DO NOT approve credit purchase to people aged under 18. Stronger reserves the right to deny or make changes in your order if you for example: exhibit incorrect personal data or/and have payment remark

    Stronger do not assume responsibility for image or typing errors on the website. This includes faults in product description or technical specification, incorrect prices or adjustments of prices or incorrect information of stock availability. Stronger will correct such errors and to change or update information at any time. Stronger promises to inform you if any incorrect price has been set on an item that you ordered and will wait with your approval of the new price before Stronger proceeds with your order. All image information on the website should be exclusively regarded as illustrations. These illustrations cannot be guaranteed to reproduce the number of items you receive, or the product's exact appearance, features or origin. Information on the website that comes from a third party is not Strongers responsibility. 


    Right of withdrawal: You have the right to cancel your purchase without presenting a reason within 14 days. Your right to cancel your purchase expires 14 days after the day of the purchase. If you want to use your right of withdrawal you shall send a clear message regarding your decision to resign from the contract (for example through email).

    Personal information

    We treat data according to GDPR. This means that personal information is protected under the conditions relating to the processing of those data. Your personal information that you as customer provide when you are purchasing will be saved in our customer register and will not be handed out to a third party.

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