• Do I have pay customs on packages delivered to England?

    The new rules came into force on 1 January 2021 regarding taxes and import duties to and from the UK. These new rules mean that packages with an order value below £135 are still free from handling fees. However, if you place an order with a value of £135 or higher, your order may be subject to customs duties and handling fees. 

  • How do I know that my order has been processed?

    You will receive your order confirmation by email to the email address provided in your order within 24 hours of placing your order. If you have not yet received your order confirmation to your inbox, we recommend checking your junk mail folder. If you do not receive an order confirmation within 24 hours, please reach out to our customer support team and we will be glad to assist.

  • Where's my package?

    Once your package has shipped from our warehouse in Sweden, you will receive an email with a tracking link where you can follow your order and see when it is expected to arrive at your address.

    Please note that your tracking information should arrive approximately 24-48 hours after your order has been placed. If you're waiting for a tracking number, remember to check your spam folder as emails are sometimes erroneously sent to spam. If a few days have passed and you still have not received your tracking information, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help locate and track your package.

  • How do I return something purchased with a gift card?

    If you are returning a product ordered using a gift card, we ask that you contact our customer support to receive a new one.

  • How do I make a complaint about a defective product?

    We strive for all Stronger products to be of the highest quality. If an item in your order appears to be defective, we request that you file a complaint as soon as the defect has been noticed.

    According to the Consumer Purchase Act, as a consumer, you must register a complaint about a defect within a reasonable time and as soon as you have discovered the defect. Defects that are discovered on goods within a reasonable time, 2 months, are counted as complaints. The defect must be an original production defect. Issues caused by normal wear and tear and products older than two years are not eligible for complaints. If you wish to create a complaint, please send a picture and add a description of the discovered defect HERE.

    Each order claim is processed and assessed manually, so it may take 14-30 business days to see a refund in your account. Unauthorized complaints are returned to the sender.

  • Why have I not received a return confirmation?

    You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we have received your return. Once you have received the confirmation email, it should take between 3-4 business days to see the money refunded to your account.

  • Can I add a discount code to my order after it's been submitted?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a discount code after you have made a purchase.

  • I entered the wrong delivery address, can I edit my address?

    Always double check your address before completing an order. If you have accidentally entered the wrong address, please contact us.

  • Why have I been charged even though my order did not go through?

    Usually, this charge is only a temporary hold that will disappear. If you have not received an order confirmation after 48 hours and you think that money has been deducted from your account, please contact us immediately with a picture of your bank statement and we will be glad to help.

  • I'm having trouble placing an order. Is there anyone I can contact?

    Our awesome customer support team will be happy to help you with this! Click on the "chat with us" icon and we will help you as soon as possible.

  • How do I find the right size for me in your products?

    Our size guide can be found on our product pages. Click on the "read more" button below the image of a product to see the model's height and the size of the garment. If you need help with sizing, you can contact our awesome customer support team who will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your body.

  • Can I buy your products in any stores?

    Stronger's products are sold exclusively on our website. We have chosen to be an online-only company. This means we're open 24 hours a day for our customers!

  • How do I make a return?

    You can return your goods quickly and easily with ReBOUND. Note: Some shipping options require printer access.

    If you wish to return something from the UK or the US, please contact us, and we'll help you.


    Go to our return portal here and click on 'Get started'. Enter your postcode and your e-mail address or telephone number. You must enter exactly the same information as used when the order was placed.


    State which products you wish to return and why.


    Confirm all of your original delivery information and, if necessary, make any changes. Once you have confirmed your information, you can choose which shipping method you want to use for the return. You will also be directed to the nearest drop-off point.


    You will be asked to download your return label. Print the label, paste it on your package and leave it at the drop-off point you chose. You will receive a confirmation when we have received your return.



    You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we have received your return. Once you have received the confirmation email, it should take between 3-4 business days to see the money refunded to your account.

  • How do I register to receive Stronger's newsletter?

    Simply scroll down on our landing page and enter your email to sign up for our newsletter.

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