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    Stronger's products are sold exclusively on our website. We have chosen to be an online-only company. This means, for our customers, that we are open 24 hours a day.

    Our products are designed and developed by Stronger's in-house Product Lab. The team consists of designers, product developers and pattern designers. Get to know the team by watching our live shopping event with our awesome product developers where they show off our collection Foliage.

    Size guide
    Our size guide can be found on our product pages. Click on the "read more" button below the image of a product to see the model's height and the size of the garment. If you need help with sizing, you can contact our awesome customer service team who will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your body.

    Our products are primarily made in China. We also have some suppliers in India and Europe. We regularly visit all of our suppliers to ensure that they live up to our high standards when it comes to human rights and a good working environment. All of our suppliers have signed our Code Of Conduct, which is an agreement that describes in great detail the behaviour and standards we require of everyone who wants to collaborate with the Stronger brand.

    Report a counterfeit product
    Help us by reporting counterfeit goods. Stronger aims to have only genuine Stronger products for sale online. To stop the distribution, marketing and sale of counterfeit Stronger products, we have therefore entered into a partnership with Yellow Brand Protection. Yellow Brand Protection specializes in locating, reporting and removing counterfeit products and goods online. If you find Stronger products anywhere you suspect they should not be, please report it.

    We process these cases as quickly as possible. Click here to report a suspected counterfeit product or reseller who sells and/or markets pirated material.

    Stronger is working to become a sustainable alternative for all women who love stylish activewear. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.

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