We work with different retailers. These are the one we currently work with:

Get Inspired (NORWAY)

Us and our lovely customers take notice of companies that produces counterfeit products and uses our images without permission. These instances will be reported. 

 Watch out for counterfeit products!

We and our lovely customers take notice of the increasing number of websites selling counterfeit products using our name. These websites often market the products with pictures and material taken from us without our permission. Counterfeit products are often manufactured without a guarantee of good working conditions and generally holds a much lower level of quality than the original product, therefore we strongly advise customers to NOT to buy STRONGER  products from unauthorized re-sellers.

We report counterfeit incidents like these daily to brand protection platforms that help us block these bandits!

Did you see STRONGER products somewhere where you suspect they should not be? Or did you buy a product branded with STRONGER from an unauthorized re-selller's site? Do not hesitate to let us know!